5 Resolutions To Keep You Smiling In 2017

21 Dec 2016

5 Resolutions To Keep You Smiling In 2017

1. Get a new toothbrush and start brushing for 2 minutes twice a day. 

Why not try an Oral B electric toothbrush and after only one use you will notice a difference.  Ask your dentist or hygienist for advice about which type to buy or for a demonstration.

2. Kick the “Coke”

Avoid fizzy and acidic drinks, including energy drinks to stop “dissolving” your teeth with acid!

3. Quit smoking

Improve not only your general health but also your gum health. Family and friends will notice your fresher breath and after the next “professional” clean you will have a brighter smile for longer.

4. Resist the temptation of your Sweet Tooth

Start cutting sugar from your diet this year and this will not only help prevent tooth decay but reduce your chance of developing diabetes!

5. SMILE more in 2017!

Visit us regularly for check-ups every 6 months and we will continue to give you care to keep you smiling!