Children’s Dentistry

Where children are all smiles!

Our bright, spacious practice and friendly yet professional team are all here to help your child maintain the kind of good oral health that stays with them for life. 

children's dentistryAt High Street Dental Practice we encourage parents to bring their children to see us from an early age. We have found that children who attend regularly with a parent and have got used to the sights and sounds of the dental practice are less likely to have concerns when it is their turn to sit in the chair. We are also in a position to be able to give preventative advice to parents when children are very young that will help to prevent some of the problems that can arise once teeth have appeared.

Prevention of tooth decay is a minefield for parents who often feel as if they are given conflicting advice by the healthcare professionals with whom they come into contact and by the media at large. We aim to give simple guidance, tailored to specific problems your child may have.

With our friendly team, play areas in each treatment room and a sticker we aim to make every visit by your child something that they look forward to.

As children get older, parents can be worried about the position of their children’s adult teeth and whether orthodontic treatment is necessary. We assess this at the age of 10 and where appropriate we refer to one of the specialist orthodontic practices in the area.